Lagu ciptaan Rizal sang vokalis merupakan salah satu dari sederetan lagu yang ada dalam album Pagi Pulang Pagi , pada album tersebut merupakan gambaran dari rentetan usaha para angota Grup Band armada untuk menerbitkan album yang di beri judul Pegi Pulang Pagi.Filosofis yang terkandung dalam judul album ini menunjukkan bagaimana perjuangan hidup untuk para pekerja keras dalam memperjuangkan hidup untuk orang yang di sayanginya.

Kunci gitar adalah seperangkat nada yang dimainkan pada gitar yang dapat menghasilkan sebuah intonasi nada yang dapat di nikmati oleh pendengar maupun yang memainkannya “Gitar dalam keadaan di stem dengan baik dan benar”. Chord gitar sering dimainkan secara bersamaan, tetapi mereka dapat dimainkan secara berurutan dalam instonasi nada yang sejajar secara jelas. Implementasi akord gitar tergantung pada ketukan saat gitar dimainkan.Jadi gitar merupakan seni yang amat panjang jika di uraikan dengan kata kata.

Penampilan untuk album pertamanya ” Selingkuh ” dan menggebrak industri pemasaran musik nasional pada kuwartal pertama 2015 , dari album tersebut via vallen mulai dikenal khalayak umum . Hingga pada tahun 2017 meluncurkan lagu baru yang berjudul ” Sayang ” di situ nama Via Vallen semakin melejit bak pesawat tempur yang terbang bebas di angkasa .

Nickelback’s always had a relate-able kind of anguish. Their 2002 hit, “How You Remind Me” had all the grinding smoldering bitterness and hookability a rock torch song should. Lead singer Chad Kroeger’s ragged brashness has an appeal that’s endured. They sound like your friend’s band with all the appealing I’ve-been-there-and-I’m-here-for-you accessibility without the stoner pretension indie is sometimes guilty of. Here And Now (Roadrunner Records) is a good old-fashioned ear-plowing rock record.

Soul singer Adele has been nominated for six Grammy awards for “21,” written in part to exorcise or at least not repress the demons of painful, euphoric and sometimes severed relationships she’s experienced. She is genuinely adored for her stunning voice and volcanic emotional expressiveness the world over. Live At The Royal Albert Hall (XL Recordings), an audio cd with an accompanying dvd performance of her concert at the venue, encapsulates exactly why she’s so riveting. Both tender and brutal, ethereal and raw, people respond to her as if they know her because what she is singing about so closely parallells their own odyssey through suffering, ecstasy and the survival of both.

undun is unlike any rap album I’ve ever heard before. It’s made up of 14 tracks with a running time amounting to only about 39 minutes, and of those 14 tracks, only nine actually feature any rapping. It’s also a hip-hop concept album, which is one of those things that you read about and wonder, “why don’t people make these more often?” until you realize it’s usually a major pain in the ass trying to follow a storyline when the narration is flying by at six or seven words per measure. And undun isn’t one of those Sgt. Pepper-y concept albums where the concept is something like, “the Beatles, under the guise of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, play a concert.

Young Jeezy’s road to releasing Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition would make J. Cole blush. Jeezy announced the album way back in 2009, and then proceeded to name and then miss like six release dates. To put the delay in perspective, Jeezy was yelling out “it’s that TM103 shit” on his collaboration with Jay-Z on The Blueprint 3, released in September 2009. Since that time, Jay found time to sell out a bunch of stadiums, record and release Watch The Throne, and even impregnate Beyonce. What has Jeezy done in the same timeframe? Besides put out an album he promised would be finished 18 months earlier, I’m not quite sure

Remember that band that your friend was in for a couple years in early high school? They practiced in that guy’s garage every Thursday, and played at the school talent show a couple of times, and they were always talking about when they were going into the studio to record their demo and how they were booking a tour for spring break or maybe summer or maybe next year, and the guitar player (his name was either Kurt or Dustin, you can’t remember) had really long hair and claimed he slept with his “ax,” and yet somehow you only ever heard them play the same four songs they seemed to have written years ago. They were nice enough guys (even when they were drunk, which was most of the time), but you had a sneaking suspicion that their career prospects in the music industry were not, shall we say, particularly auspicious.

In my most recent review, of Raekwon’s Unexpected Victory, I called the Chef “probably the most gangsta rapper in the history of gangsta rap.” I still stand by that statement, but if we refine our focus from “history of gangsta rap” to “group of the ten most influential rappers in hip-hop today,” we can apply the statement to Rick Ross and throw the “probably” into the Atlantic Ocean strapped to a pair of concrete blocks. Rich Forever, the most significant hip-hop release of 2012 so far (sorry, T.I.), reaffirms Rozay’s status as the master of the street album and sets the bar ridiculously high for any subsequent “pre-album” mixtapes from other rappers.

In 2011, after years of hard work on the mixtape circuit building a devoted underground following, an XXL Freshman releases his debut studio album with the co-sign of one of the greatest MC’s of all time. Not only does the album receive overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s better than the release earlier in the year from aforementioned legendary MC. And despite the many notable debut albums to drop this year, this description can only be applied to one rookie. No, not J. Cole. It’s (surprise!) the pride of Gadsden, Alabama: Michael Wayne Atha AKA Yelawolf.