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Ok, this is getting ridiculous: Yet another shitty, bong-conducive shoe-string budget music video from an otherwise respectable indie band just dropped. Originating Off of the newest Black Lips Arabia Mountain, the video for “New Direction” is about as shoddy as it gets.

Much of the video is a commotion of digital cutouts of the band members wailing on their guitars, drums against a blue screen. Groundbreaking, I know. The background shifts from winter to desert to temperate landscapes that look like they were taken by a drunk guy shooting from a helicopter while also piloting. The cutouts, flying about the screen like retarded supermen, often cheesily and jaggedly overlap with one another. I’m not sure what’s going on here, either the aerobatic space is intentionally “whacky!” or just the result of terrible editing. In either case, David Lynch did a much better job with the very same idea back in 2001 with the opening scene for his “Mulholland Drive”. I know indie hipster posers claim an undying love for all things Lynchean, but I doubt anyone could ever seriously consider this to be a homage, perhaps only a bastardization.

Fortunately, unlike in the other groan-worthy indie promos as of late, the boys clearly aren’t taking themselves too seriously here. It’s hard not to laugh when one pulls up his shirt revealing his boyish twink musculature, another spits out water only to have it all blown back in his face and a snuggly stuffed gorilla goes airborne. However, it’s even harder to find their antics funny for longer than a second.

Listen to just the song, which is pretty catchy:

Black Lips is a garage rock band from Atlanta, Georgia formed in 1999. Wikipedia

Members         : Jared Swilley, Ian Saint Pé, Joe Bradley, Cole Alexander, Ben Eberbaugh, Jack Hines, Richie Hayes
Genres             : Garage rock, Psychedelic rock, Lo-fi music, Garage punk, Punk rock, Indie rock
Record labels  : In the Red Records, Bomp! Records, Rob’s House Records

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