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Feist – “How Come You Never Go There” – The Latest

I admit – the first time I listened to Feist was when I saw this commercial for the ipod Nano. Her complicity in Apple brainwashing notwithstanding (it worked), “1234″ is really a good song. It would have been easy to dismiss her music as the work of yet another twee-voiced indie pixie, but she knew how to command a beat and “1234″ was the first example of many. So despite the fact that every other coffeehouse in Williamsburg seemed to have The Reminder on repeat, I grit my teeth and admitted she was for real. (More evidence of this: she had the good taste to cover Nina Simone’s “See Line Woman,” as she did in her blues guitar(!) infused “Sealion.”)

Her latest single, “How Come You Never Go There,” is off her upcoming album, Metals, set for an October 4 US release. Listen to it for yourself – she still gives you one of the best fusions of indie and R&B out there; this one has a delicious doo-wop hook as its anchor. And check out The Reminder while you’re at it.

How Come You Never Go There by Feist

Feist – 1234

Feist – Sealion


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