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Justice – Audio Video Disco : Review

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Justice – Audio Video Disco : Review

So many of my fond memories contain Justice: racing around dark rural streets with “We Are Your Friends” blasting, drunken impromptu dance parties to “D.A.N.C.E.,” “Tthhee Ppaarrttyy” singalongs on dancefloors. † was a revolutionary album in mainstream electro-house and will sit on my harddrive till Christ himself returns.

Audio Video Disco dropped yesterday, over four years since their first LP release. Real excitement first began to mount with the release of the oddly rock-infused “Civilization” and especially once instances of “Audio Video Disco” spread across blogs. Was this to be another masterpiece from the cross-bearing French duo?

Sadly, not quite. It seems as if in the interim the guys became deeply inspired by glam rock, prog rock, early rocks of all varieties and made a classic rock rival album, albeit with much more electronics than Chris Squire could ever stomach. For instance, the opening track is an epic exercise in power rock on caliber with loud sections of Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh?”… but it manages to underwhelm and cause worry for what awaits. The second track, “Civilization,” borrows from more artsy forms of glam rock and, while fitted with interesting lyrics, feels more appropriate for a stadium than a Massive.

It is the lack of danceability that perhaps disappoints most about Audio Video Disco. “Ohio” brings out the moves with lots of synth, a nice guitar hook and restrained use of percussion, but includes a jarring interlude. By far the best track, “Audio Video Disco” provokes serious headbanging and channels some of the best parts of Daft Punk’s Discovery. It’s also the last track and the one closest to their previous style.

The R’n’R bent does work occasionally here. “On’N'On” carries a very Led Zeppelin feel especially with abstract, storyteller lyrics and “New Lands” sounds like a great cover of a Yes song that happened to never exist. Nevertheless, I need to ask, “When do you two plan on taking off your jumpsuits?”

Justice – AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO. (Official Video)

Justice – New Lands (Original)

Audio, Video, Disco. is the second studio album by the French electronic music duo Justice, released on 24 October 2011 by Ed Banger Records, Because Music and Elektra Records. Wikipedia
Release dateOctober 24, 2011
GenresElectro, Electro house, Electronica

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