Kid Cudi – No One Believes Me

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Kid Cudi – No One Believes Me : Danger! Videoactive

Vampires. Remember when they were scary, wicked, or at least a little fruity? While drained conceptual in the pervasive easy-to-swallow and kid-friendly variation a la Twilight, the vampire trope in its horrific form experiences a small revival with the modern version of classic “FRIGHT NIGHT” and the latest promo from Kid Cudi. (“No One Believes Me” is an exclusive track on the movie’s OST.) Since I am a bit of a sucker for supernatural/ sci-fi media in general, I like this video probably than I should.

Here Cudi is a gloomy, alienated vampire seemingly doomed to stalk the cul-de-sacs of some already depressing suburb. You would think that Vamp Cudi would be more chipper since, by the looks of it, the nosferatu totally own the place. (“Salem’s Lot” anyone?) We see humans with their throats ripped out on sidewalks, in bedrooms, inside parked cars, etc. and the homicidal creatures indulging on the gushing vitae with impunity. Quite the horrorshow indeed, but undead Cudi doesn’t want any part in the fun. Maybe he caused all this carnage when he first flew into town and has come to regret his monstrous ways? Anyway, stricken with remorse after feeding off of a family, Cudi can’t take his miserable existence any longer and embraces the explosive sunlight of day.

Clearly an exercise in the Overwrought and Melodramatic arts, the visuals here do end up complementing the wah-wah nature of the song nicely. But who thought having Cudi perform another drawn out and lonesome track was a good idea anyway? At least somebody spent money on the decent fake blood and pointy canines…

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