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Young Jeezy’s road to releasing Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition would make J. Cole blush. Jeezy announced the album way back in 2009, and then proceeded to name and then miss like six release dates.

To put the delay in perspective, Jeezy was yelling out “it’s that TM103 shit” on his collaboration with Jay-Z on The Blueprint 3, released in September 2009.

Since that time, Jay found time to sell out a bunch of stadiums, record and release Watch The Throne, and even impregnate Beyonce. What has Jeezy done in the same timeframe? Besides put out an album he promised would be finished 18 months earlier, I’m not quite sure

I’m not entirely blaming Mr. Jenkins for the delay, but when you constantly hype the same piece of work for over two years, it better be pretty damn good.

TM103 is basically what you’d expect, which is a collection of “Big Bottom” bass-heavy bangers topped with Jeezy’s hoarse, shouted-word choruses.

Sadly for Jeezy, Rick Ross took the album’s delay as an opportunity to supplant him as rap’s premier hoarse, shouted-word chorus craftsman, and as a result this album doesn’t sound nearly as exciting or even frightening as any of Jeezy’s past efforts.

That’s not to say that TM103 has no worthwhile qualities. In fact, it’s pretty damn enjoyable when you take the title literally and picture Jeezy actually teaching a college course on “Hustlerz Ambition” in the Thug Motivation department of a respected university like Princeton or Duke.

Every song is a new week’s lecture, and if picturing a bunch of college kids dutifully scribbling away in their notebooks as Jeezy yells things like

“All we do is SMOKE and FUCK/SMOKE and FUCK” on “All We Do (Smoke & Fuck)” doesn’t make you enjoy choruses like “All we do is SMOKE and FUCK,” well I don’t know what will.

Other must-attend lectures on the Jeezy syllabus include Young’s dissertation on “F.A.M.E.” (“FAke Motherfuckers Envy!”), featuring guest lecturer Professor T.I. of Grand Hustle University, and marriage (“I Do”), featuring guest lecturers President Jay-Z of Roc Nation U and Andre 3000 of “I’m Making You Want To Hear My Solo Album Really Badly Aren’t I?” College.

There’s also the obligatory tutorial on weed smoking with Snoop Dogg and Devin The Dude (“Higher Learning”) and instructions, delivered alongside Ne-Yo, on how to handle a woman who knows that your hustler ways are no good but still can’t leave you alone (“Leave You Alone”).

The rest of the track list provides the bulk of the material tested on the final, namely, how to sell a lot of drugs and make a lot of money.

Waiting Jeezy lyrics


I won’t lie. The “Professor Jeezy” concept was something I basically had to invent in order to make it through this 18-track, 79-minute behemoth.But once I did start envisioning Jeezy educating the youth with a blunt dangling from his mouth, busting blackboards for emphasis during the most passionate points of his lectures, I did enjoy TM103 more than someone who can properly spell “Everythang” probably should.

But would I pay the $14.99 tuition fee? Um… I think it would be better saved for
buying a copy of God Forgives, I Don’t.


Young Jeezy – I Do (ft. Jay-Z Drake & Andre 3000)

I Do Jeezy lyrics

Young Jeezy – F.A.M.E. ft. T.I.

F.A.M.E. Jeezy Featuring T.I. lyrics

Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
Album TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]

Fuck these haters, I’d kill them all if I could
Ain't scared of none of y’all, so you know my aim good
Blowing bin Laden in my Porsche 911
Just left Ground Zero, on my way to kush heaven
Can’t slow down, too much evil in my rearview
Sometimes you wanna scream to God, but he can’t hear you
And even if you did, this’ll probably be his answer:
"Fuck you ‘plaining about? It ain’t like you got cancer"
Do it for my niggas on the block that got it worse
First the love, then the hate, that just a trap nigga’s curse
I bet you feel like the whole world hating on you
But what’s the hold up? The whole world waiting on you

[Hook: Young Jeezy]

(The fame…)
I wake up and feel empty
Shit make you want to squeeze your Glock until it’s empty
I’m already standing on the edge, so don’t tempt me
Fake motherfuckers envy

[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]

You mean to tell me from running my big mouth
That I could chill here in this big penthouse?
All elevatored up, black hardwood floors
Just to sit around and feel like it ain’t yours
Your conscience got you feeling like you done something wrong
But the flatscreen saying motherfucker, we on
Pardon me, nigga, do you see this view?
See Ruth’s Chris from here, what the fuck’s wrong with you?
Looking at my Rollie, yeah, it’s almost 7
Bill Gates state of mind with an automatic weapon
You might remember from putting on for the city
Or back when it was on 2, going for the 50
Opened up a few squares, opened up a few tours
Just to show niggas keys open up doors
“Oh, we don’t fuck with Young no more” Why not?
The only thing I can figure, because he on top


TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition is the fourth studio album by American rapper Jeezy. It was released on December 20, 2011, by CTE World and Def Jam Recordings. The album had been delayed for nearly two years, missing several purported release dates which have all been denied by representatives from Def Jam Recordings. Wikipedia
Release dateDecember 20, 2011
GenreHip hop music


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