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Luke Bryan is a perfectly capable country singer with the requisite boyish down-home charm and smiling warmth… though he is also inescapably cookie-cutter in his approach. Tailgates & Tanlines (Capitol) is the Georgia native’s third studio album and he is clearly having a lot of fun on here.

Vampires. Remember when they were scary, wicked, or at least a little fruity? While drained conceptual in the pervasive easy-to-swallow and kid-friendly variation a la Twilight, the vampire trope in its horrific form experiences a small revival with the modern version of classic “FRIGHT NIGHT” and the latest promo from Kid Cudi. (“No One Believes Me” is an exclusive track on the movie’s OST.) Since I am a bit of a sucker for supernatural/ sci-fi media in general, I like this video probably than I should.

Sly & The Family Stone – I’m Back! Family & Friends : Reviews

You have to love the spirit of legendary psychedelic funk pioneer frontman Sly Stone as most recently celebrated in I’m Back! Family & Friends (Cleopatra). It’s a jam session with musicians from far-flung ends of the genre spectrum who also claim status as fans of Sly and The Family Stone coming to together to funk.